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2018 - WDC - Williamson Street 3-Waters

Involved three waters deep drain laying through built up residential street and public reserve. Existing services alignments were significantly different to plans and resulted in a collaborative approach to design.

2018 - Fulton Hogan/ Rangatahi Bridge Crossing

This project required the Installation of all services across a bridge crossing to the Rangitahi Peninsula. This included 8 x DN 150 ducts and a DN 450 PE water pipeline. This project required working at heights, working around other services and working with the harbour tidal flows.

2019 - Transland subdivision Swayne Road Cambridge

Involved pump station construction and commissioning, deep trenching and drain laying, water reticulation and wastewater rising mains. Drainage involved de-watering for trenching up to 4m below the ground water levels.

2016 - Fulton Hogan/ Kahikatea Drive Extension Stormwater

installation (as Sub-Contractor to Fulton Hogan) on the Kahikatea Drive extension project. Included deep excavations and manholes and stormwater pipes up to DIN 1050. All work was at night and reinstated for each morning.

2018 - WDC - Byron Street Upgrade

Involved excavating and removing an existing 306m x 300mm stormwater line and replacing it with a new 375mm stormwater line, along with replacing all manholes, catchpit leads and catchpits. Extensive stakeholder engagement.

2015 - Waikato DC - Tauwhare Sewage Scheme

OWTS onsite pump stations for the Tauwhare community, involving 3km of rising main, installation of Eone Sewer pump stations and connection into existing private drainage at 43 sites, including tank, pump and electrical.
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