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Connecting People,
Creating Communities.

Modern civil construction solutions delivering a better tomorrow.


Central North Island Civil Construction Experts

Camex Civil are proud to be civil contractors across the North Island. We are experts in large-scale earthworks, civil siteworks, 3-waters infrastructure, roading and footpath construction, and subdivisions.

Operational excellence

We focus on maximum efficiency, minimum waste, and continuous improvement to deliver superior civil construction outcomes.

Quality outcomes

We deliver top-quality and effective civil construction projects that provide long-term benefits to Kiwi communities.


Our core purpose is to connect people and create communities that live in harmony with the environment.

Technology adopters

We embrace innovation to evolve our structures, systems, and processes for the betterment of our clients and communities.

Trusted Development Partners

We are a sought-after civil construction team with more than 25 years’ experience. Our skills, experience, environmental management systems, and solid health and safety record give us a strong reputation for quality delivery and innovation.

Key Services

3-Waters Infrastructure

Our team expertly manages, constructs, and maintains drinking water and wastewater infrastructure and stormwater networks to deliver efficient and sustainable services for our community.

Council, Roading & Maintenance

We have extensive experience in council work, including the construction and maintenance of roads, highways, footpaths and related infrastructure, ensuring safe transport networks for our community.

Land Development

We provide professional excavation and site development services to support residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

Civil Siteworks

We excel in comprehensive site
preparation for commercial projects, including excavation, hard landscaping, utility installation, foundation work, and site infrastructure development.

Private & Minor Works

Our dedicated team delivers various smaller projects, from retaining walls and drainage systems to landscaping, house pads, and driveways, and rural drainage and entranceways.


Civil construction experts

We are proud to have delivered projects for many different clients across the North Island, ranging from vital community-wide infrastructure upgrades, to multi-lot subdivisions and industrial parks, to rural entranceways and house pads.

Committed to our Community

We pursue a culture of giving by providing sponsorship, skills, and resources to a wide range of organisations in our communities. We help cultivate a strong and resilient community and build robust relationships with local iwi, Pasifika communities, councils, and business networks.


Careers with Camex

We are an employer of choice and are always on the lookout for talented people who share our passion for civil construction. If you’re a skilled practitioner with industry experience and a positive attitude, we would love to hear from you.

Caring for our Environment

We prioritise environmental stewardship and sustainability in all of our projects. We integrate sustainable design principles and responsible waste management when considering sustainability and the environment.


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