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Our Purpose


Connecting People and Creating Communities

Here at Camex, we don’t just deliver top-quality and effective civil construction projects. We believe our core purpose is to connect people and create communities that live in harmony with the environment. 

To do this, we embrace innovation to evolve our structures, systems, and processes for the betterment of our clients and communities.

Community Engagement

We want to help make New Zealand’s living and working spaces better. By teaming up with local community members, listening to their ideas, and finding new ways to solve problems, we are helping people in our communities connect with each other in meaningful ways.


How We Build Our Team

We are proud of being a high-achieving business with a family ethos. We live in the communities we serve and are proud to give back by training and developing our people to the highest degree. Their success means our success.

We are agile and focused and we make sound decisions fast - there’s no big corporate hierarchy to hold us back. Our staff enjoy being able to deal directly with our CEO and senior leadership team and we welcome everybody’s ideas on how to do things better.

You can expect to be nurtured and mentored here at Camex and you are encouraged to do the same for your team around you.

We also believe in giving back to the industry that has supported Camex over the years and we applaud those who have gone on to do great things in their careers.

Environmental Awareness

We are aware of our responsibilities towards our environment and are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability in all of our projects. We integrate sustainable design principles and responsible waste management when considering sustainability and the environment.


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We are passionate about connecting people and creating communities.