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Memorial Rise Subdivision

Project Status: In progress
Client: MG Solutions

Project Overview:

The Memorial Rise Subdivision project is a residential development in Morrinsville, where one existing property has been relocated on-site to make space for 7 new houses to be built.

Project Scope:

Our primary objectives include the efficient utilisation of land, enabling the construction of new homes to meet the growing housing demand in Morrinsville. The project aims to create a welcoming residential environment while implementing essential infrastructure to support modern living. We are delivering site clearance, earthworks, 3-waters infrastructure, and the construction of retaining walls and new vehicle entranceways.

Community Benefits:

The Memorial Rise Subdivision project bolsters housing availability, addressing the needs of residents and newcomers alike. This expansion contributes to the overall growth and development of Morrinsville while promoting a sense of community and belonging. The project exemplifies our dedication to delivering projects that enhance the quality of life for the local population, fostering a vibrant and thriving community.