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Mainstream Freight Depot

Project Status: In progress
Client: Fosters

Project Overview:

The Mainstream Freight Depot project is situated in Burbush, Hamilton, an area experiencing significant industrial development. This commercial project is dedicated to creating a new state-of-the-art depot for Mainstream, a significant player in the freight and logistics sector.

Project Scope:

The scope of this project is extensive, we are delivering excavation, backfill, subsoil drainage installation, the construction of vehicle crossings, and the establishment of crucial stormwater and wastewater infrastructure. These vital components are essential for the efficient and sustainable operation of the new depot, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of the freight industry while complying with workplace and environmental regulations.

Community Benefits:

While primarily a commercial project, the Mainstream Freight Depot indirectly benefits the community by supporting a key player in the logistics sector. This development facilitates smoother and more efficient freight and transportation operations, contributing to regional economic growth.