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Hamilton Airport Carpark

Project Status: In progress
Client: Hamilton Airport

Project Overview:

The Carpark Upgrade project is a significant undertaking for Hamilton Airport. This initiative addresses the pressing need for additional parking spaces to meet the growing demands of travellers. As a pivotal gateway, Hamilton Airport plays a crucial role in regional connectivity, making this upgrade essential for a seamless passenger experience.

Project Scope:

The project scope involves the creation of an additional 352 parking spaces, enhancing terminal access and visitor convenience. Notably, the redevelopment prioritises sustainability by carefully relocating and replanting more than 80 plants & shrubs and recycling old steel barriers. Proceeds from recycling contribute to the installation of solar panels, further aligning the project with eco-friendly practices.

Community Benefits:

The Hamilton Airport Carpark Upgrade project provides much-needed parking capacity, ensuring hassle-free travel experiences for airport visitors. The commitment to sustainability reflects the region's dedication to environmental stewardship and resource conservation. Ultimately, this project enhances the airport's functionality, accessibility, and environmental consciousness, creating a positive and efficient visitor experience for all.