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Victoria Road Roundabout - BIL Industrial Precinct

Project Status: In progress
Client: Bardowie Investments Ltd

Project Overview:

The Victoria Road Roundabout project is currently in progress, aimed at improving traffic flow and access at the intersection of Victoria Road and the Bardowie Industrial Precinct on the outskirts of Cambridge township.

Project Scope:

Our primary objectives include the construction of a new single-lane three-leg roundabout, realignment of approach roads, and the formation of approximately 500m of dual-lane heavy-duty access within a 29-metre wide corridor. The project also encompasses accommodation works to realign vehicle access for nearby landowners, temporary stormwater basin construction, earthworks, road pavement, roundabout construction, stormwater drainage, wastewater and water supply infrastructure, concrete works, utility services, street lighting, and traffic signs and markings.

Community Benefits:

The Victoria Road Roundabout project will significantly improve traffic safety and efficiency, benefiting both commuters and local businesses. Enhanced access to the Bardowie Industrial Precinct supports economic growth and employment opportunities within Cambridge and surrounding areas. Moreover, the project's focus on infrastructure development contributes to the overall livability and attractiveness of the region, making Cambridge a more desirable place to live, work, and invest.