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Crown Road & Lake Terrace Footpath

580 Lake Terrace
Project Status: Completed
Client: Taupō District Council

Project Overview:

The Crown Road & Lake Terrace Footpath project is driven by a commitment to deliver enduring assets that benefit the local community in Taupō. By focusing on enhanced accessibility, this project aims to create a more prosperous and inclusive community for both residents and visitors.

Project Scope:

The project's scope encompasses the construction of footpaths along Crown Road and Lake Terrace, designed to withstand the test of time. These new pathways will significantly improve pedestrian mobility and safety in the area, promoting a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

Community Benefits:

The Crown Road & Lake Terrace Footpath project ensures that pedestrians can navigate the area with increased ease and safety, benefiting both residents and those visiting Taupō. By enhancing accessibility, the project contributes to a more vibrant and prosperous community, supporting local businesses and tourism.