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Mahoe Street Commercial Subdivision

30 Mahoe Street
Project Status: Completed
Client: Todd Land Development

Project Overview:

The Mahoe Street Commercial Subdivision project is geared towards expanding commercial opportunities in Taupō, and providing modern, functional sections ready for local businesses to thrive.

Project Scope:

This project covers a range of essential infrastructure works such as earthworks, stormwater and wastewater systems, water reticulation, as well as road construction and vehicle entranceways. The project places a strong emphasis on environmental controls, particularly dust and sediment control measures, given its location in a busy industrial area.

Community Benefits:

By adding three new commercial lots, this project enhances business opportunities in the area, contributing to economic growth and job creation. The project's commitment to environmental controls demonstrates responsible development practices, minimising the impact on the surroundings and promoting a safer and more sustainable industrial environment.