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Mapara Estate

164 Mapara Road
Project Status: Completed
Client: Mapara Estate Ltd

Project Overview:

The Mapara Estate project is a residential subdivision on Mapara Road, Acacia Bay. This venture involves the creation of 20 residential lots, each averaging around 5,200 square metres in size. It reflects a commitment to providing spacious and comfortable living spaces in a picturesque location.

Project Scope:

The project's scope encompasses sediment and dust control measures, earthworks, the installation of stormwater and water reticulation systems, as well as signage and road marking.

Community Benefits:

By creating spacious residential lots, this project provides housing options that align with the natural beauty of Acacia Bay. The development also adheres to responsible environmental practices, incorporating sediment and dust control measures to minimise its impact. Ultimately, this project enhances the quality of life for residents while contributing to the continued growth and development of the Taupō community.