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Mangatoa Road Slip Repairs

Project Status: In progress
Client: Waitomo District Council

Project Overview:

The Mangatoa Road Slip Repairs project involves repairing various slips across four consecutive work sites. Its primary objective is to ensure the safe and enduring repair of Mangatoa Road, a vital transportation link connecting local residents to the wider Waitomo District.

Project Scope:

The project's scope is comprehensive, addressing not only the physical repairs but also environmental concerns related to potential further erosion. Diligent planning and execution are essential to minimise disruptions for local residents and travellers who regularly use this road. The work includes earthworks and road pavement, along with the construction of retaining walls and drainage systems to mitigate future risks and ensure the road is repaired to the highest safety and quality standards.

Community Benefits:

By addressing critical road issues, it ensures safer and more reliable transportation for local residents and those travelling within the Waitomo District. The repairs provide longevity, fostering the wellbeing and convenience of the community while safeguarding against future environmental concerns.