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Acacia Bay Water Supply

Address: Acacia Bay, Taupō
Project Status:
Client: Taupō District Council

Project Overview:

The Acacia Bay Water Supply project involved substantial upgrades, including enhancements to the Nukuhau pump station and the integration of Acacia Bay with the main Taupō water supply.

Project Scope:

The project encompassed a range of improvements, extending the water supply network and ensuring the efficient and reliable delivery of water to Acacia Bay. This involved upgrading and renewing water mains, enhancing pumping infrastructure, and extending the pipeline network to improve water access for the community. The inclusion of shared path upgrades and bridge crossings further expanded the project's scope.

Community Benefits:

By connecting Acacia Bay to the main Taupō water supply and upgrading this critical infrastructure, it ensures residents have access to safe and reliable water services. The project also enhances water quality, system reliability, and overall resilience.