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Turanga Place Stormwater Defenders

Address: Turanga Place, Taupō
Project Status:
Client: Taupō District Council

Project Overview:

The Turanga Place Stormwater Defenders project aimed at upgrading stormwater management within the Taupō District.

Project Scope:

The project's scope encompassed the installation of three stormwater downstream defenders units. Two units, each with a diameter of 2550mm, were installed in Turangi and within the Two Mile Bay Boat Ramp carpark. A third unit, with a diameter of 3000mm, was placed in the Hawai Street reserve. These were installed at a depth of up to 5m, overcoming challenging conditions such as running sand at the Hawai Street Reserve and extensive excavation at the Two Mile Bay Boat Ramp, equivalent to the height of the adjacent lakefront.

Community Benefits:

By upgrading stormwater management infrastructure, it enhances water quality control and minimises the risk of downstream flooding. These improvements contribute to a safer and more sustainable living environment for residents in the Taupō District. The project fosters responsible stormwater runoff management, supporting the overall well-being of the community and the preservation of the natural environment.