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Taupō Town Centre Transformation

Address: Taupō Town Centre
Project Status: Complete
Client: Taupō District Council

Project Overview:

The Taupō Town Centre Transformation project is a government-funded initiative aimed at revitalising the Taupō Town Centre. The project involved a significant investment of $20.6 million and was part of the CIP shovel-ready program. It focused on creating a people-friendly environment, improving traffic flow, and enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Project Scope:

At the heart of this transformation was a fundamental reorientation of the street network within the town centre. This realignment aimed to provide a welcoming and accessible space where people can gather, conduct business, and enjoy the social atmosphere. The project included several key upgrades, including the Ruapehu and Tūwharetoa intersection, Horomatangi and Ruapehu Street intersection, and the transformation of Tongariro Street, which involved lane reduction and the redistribution of car parking. The final stage of the project focused on Roberts Street and Lake Terrace, creating a pedestrian-friendly environment with improved connections to Tūwharetoa Street and the lakefront.

Community Benefits:

The Taupō Town Centre Transformation project enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of the town centre, making it a more attractive and accessible place for people to gather, shop, dine, and enjoy the surrounding environment. The improved street network, pedestrian-friendly features, and better linkages between the CBD, Tongariro Domain, and Lake Terrace enhance the overall quality of life and the experience of both residents and tourists in Taupō. The project contributes to a vibrant and thriving town centre, supporting the local economy and fostering a sense of community.