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Meet Josh

My first year at Camex has truly been a remarkable journey!

I joined Camex 10 months ago as Tender Administrator, and am now working as a Junior Estimator. Camex has provided me the opportunity to pursue my studies during working hours, covering the costs of my course, all the while gaining valuable hands-on experience in estimation.

I've experienced a whirlwind of learning and personal growth - each day presents new challenges and opportunities to expand my knowledge and gain fresh skills. The culture here is not only vibrant, but deeply rooted in a family-oriented ethos. Working alongside such incredible individuals is a privilege.

What sets Camex apart is evident; the CEO personally takes the time to sit down with us, sharing insights into the civil industry and the work involved. This speaks volumes about the company's commitment to its employees. Camex places a high value on its staff, showing genuine interest in their development and success.

Camex is expanding rapidly, and every day brings something new. This allows me to immediately apply what I have learned in my studies to a practical setting. As the construction industry is a whole new chapter in my work life, I wasn't expecting much. But now, I totally see myself as part of that industry. Professionally, I've honed my skills in cost estimation, improved my attention to detail, and gained a solid understanding of civil industry. Personally, it's taught me patience, the importance of detailed analysis, and how to effectively communicate with both clients and team members.

What I find most enjoyable about working at Camex is the steep learning curve and the wonderful people I have the opportunity to work alongside every day.”

Josh Enoch

Junior Estimator

Josh Enoch - Junior Estimator

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